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Ariel Stevens

Business Enthusiast, Web Developer, Videographer, Entrepreneur

"Ariel is the perfect combination of Silicon & Granola."

~ Micah Elconin, Lane County's Food & Bev Strategist



Ariel Stevens is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship and innovation. Working for many years in the Startups scene in San Diego at SDVG/Connect, she understands what it takes to build a successful company that is both scrappy and scalable. She most recently worked as a Rural Venture Catalyst for Oregon RAIN where she built entrepreneurial ecosystems in small cities across Oregon by activating opportunities, capital and local government support. She served over 200+ small businesses and early stage entrepreneurs by connecting them to resources and providing 1:1 mentorship.


Previous Ariel specialized in food systems development at her family's business, Hummingbird Wholesale where she wore many hats from sales, marketing and website development to strategy, customer service and product creation. She also was a part owner at the Hazel People, an Oregon startup making the world's finest Hazel Nutmilk. There she lead the branding charge as Brand Strategist, bringing our innovative and playful brand to life. 


As an entrepreneur herself, she dreams big and never takes no for an answer.

In her free time, Ariel loves building websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need things clean, simple and efficient. She wants business owners to be free to pursue their dreams with the help of a supportive online presence. How? First - visioning and site mapping. Second - brand positioning. Third - streamlining using automation, centralization and the latest technology. Forth - building the vision. And fifth - empowering the owner to own it, work it, rock it. (1).png

Web Design

A-Ply Construction
Julie Tilt
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The Barrow
Jane Steckbeck


"Ariel built our website, and the esthetic presentation and marketing quality of the site is far beyond all expectations we started with.”

Kartik Ariyur, CTO, SAMMS

West Lafayette, Indianna

"Ariel is a masterful web developer who will design a beautiful and effective website that meets your needs and draws rave reviews from clients and customers. An astute listener, she is great at discerning information, and pulling all of the pieces together. Ariel is also incredibly amiable, patient and poised, even when working with non-tech folks like me. She is also outstanding in her customer service, and continued to work with me until I gained comfort with my new website. I highly recommend Ariel’s services!”

Jane Steckbeck, Intimacy Coach

Eugene, OR

"Ariel Ruben has a natural artistic talent and eye for beauty. I love the website she has created for my business. She is able to show a baby boomer like me, how to use this technology, so that I can easily add my own copy and change the website in the future. Ariel is fun and energetic and a great working partner for website development.”

Julie Tilt, owner, Hummingbird Wholesale & Julie Tilt Health Coaching

Eugene, OR

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